High Pressure Misting System


There are many cooling solutions for your restaurant, garden, farm and factory. High-pressure misting systems (1,000 p.s.i) is one of the most efficient and economic method to create a comfortable environement at large area.  


Wuli misting pumps not only support residential and commercial light-duty usage, Wuli also provide high volume misting pump up to 580 nozzle  to support industrial continuous heavy duty usage, such as factory and poultry farm. 


Wuli misting pump features: 


  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • Low operation and maintenace cost

  • Forged manifold: Anti-rust, non-leaking design extends the life of the pump. 

  • Rinse cooling design: Internal rinse design channels water to packings to reduce heat stress and increase the life of the packings. 

  • Forged manifold: Anti-rush, non leaking design extends the life of the pump.

  • Automatic pressure valve: Controls the consistency of the pressure, regardless of the number of nozzles used and nozzles become clogged.

  • Circuit breaker: Stops the motor if the voltage is outside of the safety parameters.

  • Double filter: Inlet and outlet filter with 0.1mm mesh diameter block the debris enter the misting system, reduce the possibility of nozzle become clogged.

  • Ventilation fan:  To drive away the heat produced by the pump and motor. This will keep cool and comfortable environment for the pump and reduce the pump and motor over heat. 


Design and calculate suction volume/ number of nozzle, choose the best pump for your misting system.

1,000 p.s.i

How to operate and maintain a mist pump?

Suction voL: 0.4 ~ 4.5l/m

Nozzle Qty.: 4 ~ 87 (0.15mm nozzle)

Suction vol: 2.1 ~ 29.0l/m

Nozzle qty: 30 ~ 580 (0.15mm nozzle)

Piping,Coupling, Filter, Valve

Orifice: 0.15mm ~ 0.8mm


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I have been using WM2000 in my swiflet since 2012 , the mist is fine and no breakdown. It improves my swiflet condition a lots. I recomended my friends to use this system and they also satisfied the misting system performance.

Mr Chong

Kuala Lipis, Pahang

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